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Oct 10

Thursday 10th October - Whale watching again... with success :-)

 Bye bye Mr Whale :-)

Yey, booked last minute last night at 11:00pm for another chance to see if we could see any whales, we got the last two seats on the boat, but because we...

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Oct 9

Wednesday 9th October - Sao Miguel whale watching

No whales but plenty of dolphins.

Off to the lakes then...and another waterfall :-)



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Oct 8

Tuesday 8th October Sao Miguel - off to the lakes...

Off to the lakes this space...

The day started like a typical British summer...crap, lashing it down and 15.5c.

I decided there may be a chance the weather could...

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Oct 7

Monday 7th Sao Miguel - Diving day

A bit of a non energetic day for Lou, but not for me. A bit naughty doing reverse profiles. 1st dive I was buddied up with a Dutch lady called Monique, she was good. 5 of us diving,...

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Oct 6

Sunday 6th Sao Miguel

Another long day, stinky day at that...

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