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Well, it's been a long time coming. 

The building is water tight, roof finished, wrapped in waterproof membrane waiting for windows and cladding.

To be sorted, electrics, and some internal battening for the walls, need to work out where I will put the partition wall with the storage holes for box's of prints etc.


* Had a major issue on Wednesday with the wrap getting ripped off, so ended up doing the battening in super strong winds and rain!


Garden Room a Go Go


4-5 weeks for the cladding, and probably another 3 weeks for the windows. 

Need to start worrying about the electrics, i.e what I'll have where, down lights under the overhang etc, wall sockets inside.

Can't wait to get the cladding on and the Gabion walls in down the side!


DSC 8004 Export


DSC 7992 Export


DSC 8015 Export


DSC 8017 Export 

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