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All starting to come together now, the armoured power cable is running under the road after moling!

Darren turned up at 9:00 and was gone by 1:00, so now have power and Ethernet cable dodging the fibre and water supplies, luckily it didn't go wrong! I think it went under the fibre and over the water!

Really sad, I loved the sound of the mole clicking away under the road! Ha ha

P.s. the moling was done a few weeks ago, just didn't manage to update my timeline when it happened due to other commitments.

DSC 6793 Export


DSC 6794 Export


DSC 6808 Export


Shuttering has been moved slightly to make for better parking, well that's my excuse anyway. Had some help from Dave Lewis who lives in the village, so many thanks to Dave and his nephew John, he brought his digger down and roughly levelled the site so we had a better base for when the MOT 1 went down. We then used the laser level and receiver to make sure the shuttering was level.



DSC 7235 Export


HA!, 4.2m width and the bubble is no trouble!! Yes, I checked the level both ways, and yes, I got the only accurate ROLSON level ever made LOL  


DSC 7242 Export



Well, eventually, the concrete slab is laid, 4.5m3.

Lorry was booked for 10-10:30, arrived 11:10, gone at 11:25! 

Dave, John and I managed to get all 3 sections done before incurring the £90 + vat per hour incursion fee!

I knew I was going to have excess, better safe than sorry, an average of 5 1/2" of concrete across the slab, so I calculated for 6", this would allow me to lay the base for the Gabion wall as well, and maybe have a bit left over for the bike & bin shed base!


DSC 7246 Export


And the Gabion wall footings at a slight lean in to the field... At least we have somewhere for all the stone to go from the digging!


DSC 7254 Export


DSC 7253 Export




Next step, 21st September, the SIPS panels arrive and start going up, all should be finished by the 22nd with the roof going on!!

So breathing space I have for now(Yoda speak), just need to get some advice on fixing pine T & G vertical cladding with a Ryobi 18 or 16 gauge brad nailer! 

I'm soooo tempted to paint a big white circle and a H in the middle of this slab, Dolau heli transfer pad is now accepting arrivals from Llandegley International Airport!



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