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Well, I just had a quick look at the photo's from nearly a year of working on the bathroom! Scary...

DSC 8814 Exposure

Above: Initial design work :-) LOL allowed to go crazy with a permanant marker pen, yey!!!


DSC 8836 Exposure

Let the destruction begin...with a glass of wine! ha ha and yes every evening I had to clear the bath so we could use it the following morning!


DSC 8853 Exposure

Above: Enter the new to straighten a wall slowly....And yerse they are flag stones on the  floor!

DSC 8868 Exposure

Above: Yerse, even more studwork going in...That was a wibbly wobbly bath as it wasn't attached to anything!


DSC 8885 Export

Above: Now the addition of the linear shower drain...

DSC 8894 Export

 Above: Gettiing ready for the second level of screed...

DSC 8901 Export

Above: 50mm of screed now laid down...almost there...NOT! Before I could screed the linear drain slope section I had to remove the wall and the shower...What fun that was...

DSC 9465 Export Above: The linear drain has been fixed in place with some very hard cement mix :-) If it's wrong now, were are stu##ed!

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