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A bit of a non energetic day for Lou, but not for me. A bit naughty doing reverse profiles. 1st dive I was buddied up with a Dutch lady called Monique, she was good. 5 of us diving, two guides. Maximum depth 21mtrs,  46 minutes, swam through a canyon, really nice.

On the way out to the dive site I saw the biggest flying fish ever! Feel sorry for Lou as she missed it :-(

I was trying to get to dive the Dori wreck but they didn't have the people to make numbers up for the trip, hey ho you can't have it all ha ha

I decided to do a second dive in the afternoon, seems I was the only one... David the dive guide decided a private dive was in order, albeit a big reverse profile...

We took the 7mtr rib to a wall dive with caves and arches, no line descent in to 40mtrs, with a slow ascent up the wall through arches and caves, we came across grouper in the caves, traveli and barracuda, fantastic dive, 40mtrs and a 36 minute dive. 

Lou did her best to take some snaps on her phone which wasn't easy when she was being thrown off the boat...But least she tried...

We met some great people today, especially the locals in the café, the lady was really funny and sarcastic...brilliant...

After the dives we stopped at Caldeiras just outside Furnas, the home of the hot water vents, there were some impressive vents bubbling up! Some had even started coming up next to the road, guess you can't stop nature... Local people use the hot water springs to boil their stew, as we witnessed!

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